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Bands you've heard of but never listened to


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It was really hearing somebody talking about The Fall that got me thinking about this thread, when I realised that, despite them having been around for ninety years and releasing four hundred and thirty (or so) albums, I don't think I've personally ever heard a single second of their output. But that was a bit obvious so instead I plumped for BMX Bandits.

Watching this video is the full extent of my lifetime exposure to them.

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Charles Carter

Gaye Bykers on acid. 

Always remember the name but couldn't name you a single tune or band member. It just goes to show the power in having a daft/provocative moniker. 

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I hadn't heard anything by The Fall, either, before Mark E Smith died and I checked them out on Youtube. Another band that used to be namechecked a lot was the highly influential Big Star. I still haven't heard any song by them.

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