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the So-Called BBC discusses Tommy Robinson !!!

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Yes, control the narrative. They all thought the problem would go away, after all he is a 'far right, racist, fraudster...' Don't believe a word!

Nothing about the demonstrations over free speech, and his kangaroo court imprisonment and being put in danger. Compare and contrast with today's People's Vote march, which will no doubt be bigger up.

People will be kept in the dark over Tommy.

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56 minutes ago, XswampyX said:




The So-Called BBC timing is interesting as it seems to be timed with the next Free Tommy march in mind - which is planned for Saturday 14 July the day after President Trump's visit.  Likely it's timed to try to dilute feeling as the day of that march approaches.

The timing more or less coincides with the emotive broadcasts about immigrant children in the mediterranean and in the US which seems to be timed to spread and escalate hatred against Trump as his visit approaches. 

For sure they must also have noticed the regular suggestions that Trump should take over the running of Britain (in the comments on various MSM articles and on social media).

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