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One percent

Women’s emancipation in enlightened times

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Given the clips we have seen in the media concerning the lack of driving skills by some sections on the ‘community ‘ I’m not convinced that this is a good move. Anyhow 


al-Sonosi’s new red Range Rover has been sitting in her driveway for two months, its engine only started for brief, furtive trips around the block. Just after midnight on Saturday, both Sonosi and her car will no longer have to hide.

A goal she had aspired to for most of her life – to drive herself wherever she pleased – will become a reality for Sonosi, as well as for a selected minority ofother women in Saudi Arabia, who for the first time will legally be able to take to the roads.


sounds good until we get to the bit in the article where it explains restrictions are still in place

Sonosi is one of 30 women in Jeddah, the kingdom’s second city, to have been granted a licence. Many thousands more have applied. Those allowed to drive have been carefully selected. The politics of women driving, and who gets to claim credit for it, has become increasingly loaded.


i suppose its ok as long as they don’t want to bring their medieval and misogynistic views over here. Oh wait....

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    • By One percent
      Well not quite breakfast but an unrelated males sitting with a woman whilst eating breakfast is. 
      An Egyptian man in Saudi Arabia has been arrested after a video of him having breakfast with a woman went viral on Twitter.
      In the video, a man with an Egyptian dialect eats breakfast beside a womanwearing a full face veil, who many assumed to be Saudi.
      This is in contravention of the law in Saudi Arabia, where in workplaces or eateries like McDonald's and Starbucks, families and single men have to sit in different areas. 
      Women must sit separately from single men in these places.
      They are not allowed to exercise most activities without being accompanied by their male guardians, usually a father or husband, but possibly a brother or a son.
      dear God, Saudi Arabia should be shunned by every other country until the drag themselves out of the 15th century. 
      Oh, and the article didn’t explain how she managed to eat breakfast with a full face veil. Poor reporting from the So-Called BBC there 
    • By swiss_democracy_for_all
      Are the Russians a bit slow off the mark? Or don’t care?  Surely they must realize that all they need to do is feed some of the money into UK political parties coffers like (allegedly) some other influential rich people from a sandy country; articles like this won’t even appear on the So-Called BBC after that......
    • By Frank Hovis
      The reserve figures are secret these days, especially with the partial sale of Aramco coming up, and are commonly believed to be overstated as they're not going down: new finds magically replace extracted oil.
      But there have been no new big finds since the 1970s.  So that seems "unlikely".
      Current claimed reserves are roughly at the level of 1989 - 260bn barrels - but that was a huge hike upon the 1987 figure of 170bn of easily recoverable oil and suggests the inclusion of probable / possible reserves.
      So going back to that 1987 figure as the last undisputed figure and bearing in mind no big new finds since start deducting the c. 10m barrels a day production, 3.65bn per year.
      Thirty years' extraction to 2017 is 109.5bn of that 1987 reserve.  The remaining 60.5bn will last a mere 16.5 years which isn't very long at all.
      Now there will be unders and overs: improved extraction techniques Vs sea water contamination of fields from previous extraction techniques which will blur this figure.
      So that 16.5 may be 20 years or it may be 15.  Either way it's not long.
      Then it's back to being goat herders and no more funding the export of islam and islamic terrorism.
      Not long now 
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