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This Time

Another dead pet cat

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My kitty boy had to be put to sleep tonight. I brought him to the vet yesterday because he'd been throwing up a bit and was a bit off his food. Turns out he had congenital kidney disease so there's nothing we could have done but if our shit cunt landlords hadn't evicted us we would have caught it sooner and he'd have suffered less (we thought he was off his food because of the move). He was the most annoying cat in the world (his super power was knowing where the most annoying spot to be in was and then sitting in it) but I loved his annoying little face. Our other cat is distraught, they were really close. I just feel so guilty because there were subtle clues I should have caught and I actually was a bit worried about his kidneys for a while but had dismissed my fears because he was only three and should have been too young for kidney problems - I thought I was seeing things because our old cat had kidney disease. Our surviving cat is probably going to be dragged to the vet every five minutes now.

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I'm so sorry, I know how much it hurts.

As you say - congenital; nothing you could have done.

Bear in mind that cats have high pain thresholds compared to us.

And that this does happen - if you get a dog it won't live very long because dogs have such short lives. Cats can and do make 20+.

But the reverse of that is that young cats do die - sometimes very young - from these types of defects. It's not actually that unusual.

Which is all the more devastating when you thought you could have so much more time with them.

Our girl Maddy died from cancer. Aged 12. But we only adopted her aged 9. We got just three years with her. I felt so robbed. And devastated. We had her PTS when she stopped eating.

But the sense of injustice - which I still feel and probably always will - is so powerful. Not for me. For her. She was robbed of years. 

Ultimately there's nothing either of us could have done to change the end outcome. It is so unjust. So unacceptable.

I know that now but the anger and denial were so strong. A little piece of me died with her.

I find strength caring for the three adoptees we have now even though I know I'm going to be devastated again three times when they pass.

Time heals. In the meantime give your surviving boy a big hug and mourn him together. It's odd just how confiding and "human" these wonderful animals can be which makes their loss so saddening.

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aye, happens. most cats die of kidney disease dont they? its the huge protein and salt diet i believe, if theyd just eat some broccoli/carrots now and then.

Ours is 10 going on 11, my mums old cat lived until she was 25 but wouldnt touch cat food though, only our food was good enough for her, so eggs(boiled/fried), beans, sponge cake, quality meat raw/cooked as well as biscuits(she loved ginger and custard creams), stinking rotten milk and rancid water from puddles or left in her plate (never touched fresh, always waited until it was well old). Think she got her meat mainly from hunting, forever with the mice and rats and birds and 1 time a mole and a rabbit without a head? dunno where the head went. Seemed good at eating just the good bits as well, esp out of rats.

Congential cant be helped, id consider quality of life rather than length would be the most important thing, that plus not suffering too long in the end. Our cat looked like he was having trouble walking, so we thought maybe arthritis? maybe diabetes? apparently they lose back leg power. Vet doubted it since wasnt atrophied in muslces, weighed him. Too fat, 7.1 kg, should be 5.5-6 since not a big cat. He's on a diet now, like i should be. But missus lapses and listens to his BS asking for food, i personally just ignore him and he can go hungry for longer, not that he is hungry the fat bugger, just spoilt.

Anyhoo, sorry to hear.

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You've got my absolute sympathy. I know exactly what you're going through as it's almost a year to the day that I went through the same. 

The guilt is the thing that stings the most? Don't let it though. This is absolutely not your fault. If you'd have spotted it early, who knows...he could have succumb to anything ailment at another point in time. 

I know you feel like you don't want to replace him (and are probably thinking after your next cat goes the distance you'll never want another pet to mitigate the distress) but the best thing that hapenned to me was my wife (after I'd explicitly said I never want another cat for the above reason) secretly got another kitten (which turned into three!).

Keep well buddy.

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Thanks everyone. It's getting a bit easier but it's still hard to believe he's really gone. Our last cat was 18, had dodgy kidneys and cancer so it was a bit less of a shock. 

@Thombleached if it was just up to me we'd have been out getting a kitten the next day. We waited six months after our old cat died which was too long. She hated the younger cat but he loved her and was quite depressed after she died - he lit up again when we brought our surviving cat home as a kitten (after the requisite day or two of hissing). They were really close - always cuddling, grooming each other and chasing each other around the place. He's normally a very good boy, you only need to tell him off once or twice before he stops doing something but he's been playing up this week. I think getting a kitten will help him understand and move on too.

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