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8 minutes ago, One percent said:

You just can't believe the incompetence of some drivers....

There was no incompetence.  That was absolute disregard for any and every rule and for the safety of themselves and others.

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I do worry about the proliferation of very fast powerful cars these days -- in the olden days you could get a sports car, with maybe 150 horsepower, but it would cost loads.  The youth drove around in Imps, Escorts and Minis (etc), that had been souped up with a fancy carb and perhaps, for the really keen ones, a change of cam profile -- which would actually slow down most of them as it would decrease power lower down the rev range.  Anyway, with that fancy tuning they'd get maybe above 100 horsepower.  Sure, they'd still crash (and often), but the limited horsepower, skinny tyres and crap suspension would mean that they'd only be doing 30mph when they lost control -- and they'd only get into so much trouble.  Of course, older/wealthier people could get a bit more power, etc -- but they'd be less likely to be racing around the town in the afternoon.

Anyway, these days anyone can get hold of a massively powerful car -- per month payments for a powerful variant won't be too different from the cheapest thing.

I've got a few older cars.  One was regarded as a powerful sportscar in it's time -- it's got maybe 80 horsepower on a good day.  It is fun to drive and I'm sure isn't more dangerous to others than a Fiat Panda.  Another has got surely 120 horsepower, which is probably a bit too much to use 100% of safely.  

These faster cars have >300 horsepower and will do 0-60 in 5 seconds.  Just for a saloon.   I can only imagine that there is absolutely no way that the power can be used safely on the public roads in Britain (ever).  

[Well, with innate skill, experience and training comes the ability to control the power -- but also the maturity to not race around town centres.  It is one of those arguments (crap, I know) that I'd sometimes use with the youthful boy racer -- all those great race drivers that you want to emulate know that they shouldn't overtake on a yellow, or speed down the pit-lane -- but you don't seem capable of exercising that level of self-control when you enter a 30mph...]

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