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China Crisis.


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sancho panza

Holy smoly,just posted this on the deflation thread but definitely worhty of a thread of it's own.

I found the follwing quite illuminating.


'At first I was not sure about his definition of a bubble.

Despite reforms in recent years, there’s little question that Chinese real estate is in bubble territory. From June 2015 through the end of last year, the 100 City Price Index, published by SouFun Holdings, rose 31 per cent to nearly US$202 per square foot.

However suddenly it looks very bubbilicious.

That’s 38 per cent higher than the median price per square foot in the United States, where per-capita income is more than 700 per cent higher than in China. Not surprisingly, this has put home ownership out of reach for most Chinese.'




Also worth noting the reply from ToS legend HAM.There's no pint me highlighting and underling the whole reply.;)

'hotairmail on June 26, 2018 at 11:52 am said:

You are right. There have been plenty of scare stories about China and debt, China and zombie companies, China and real estate bubble, China and…. Most people will be blase about the China stories now, but like any crisis that is building you don’t know when the earthquake will exactly strike and what will be the catalyst. You could say the external trade account is essentially what has kept their show on the road, unfairly pursuing mercantilist policies and ‘stealing’ demand from other countries. If that is the case, a well timed poke in the eye with “Trade Wars” could cause the entire edifice to shake China back into its shell for a decade or two like a Japan.'

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