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man o' the year


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We had a helicopter land in our field today. It really was quite exciting. A phone call asked for permission. I am not really sure how or why he chose us from London but he did. I had envisaged it would be a posh toff having booked to stay at more up market nearby hotel than our own but it turns out it was a delivery of parts for a motor racing team asking for a local firm to do some rush work for them. 

It took 27 minutes for them to bring the parts from London to us near Bath. Our field was empty having just been topped and waiting for rain to bring regrowth. This meant it worked well and caused no inconvenience to us at all. He asked how much I wanted and I said "what is the going rate?". He said he didn't know but he and pilot came in for a cool drink before flying back. I said just put something in the charity box. The pilot was from the Croatian military. They paid for the drinks and left £40 in the charity box.

Major brownie points with the kids to watch the spectacle.


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1 hour ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Turn your screen upside down.

He must be a very good pilot. I tried that on my phone, and he just kept turning it the right way up again!.


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Cramped tactical helo flight and, literally, drop off after a birthday celebration the night before:

Blue, green, blue, green, blue green, blue, green, blue, green, blue, green, blue, whoops sorry!

Worst 3 days of me life.  Thank heavens only an exercise.

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