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What in cunting fuck?

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Or more fun with OAPs and automatics


'Police officer called to road accident finds his own mother has been run over and killed by new driver, 79, who had passed his test just three weeks before

PC Bryan Moore was called to the scene of the crash in Hull in October last year 

The officer was unaware at the time that the victim was mother Irene Moore, 70

Driver Harold Milner accidentally pressed the accelerator instead of the brake

He took his test to drive his wife to hospital after she was diagnosed with cancer'

Why in fuck sake do people 70+ get cheap insurance?


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1 hour ago, ashestoashes said:

wonder why he didn't just get a taxi

Quite, with the costs of the lessons, insurance and buying the car how many taxi fares could he have paid for? 


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2 hours ago, SNACR said:

Are we definitely sure it's not a roper or EE this time?

harold is an anglo saxon name,however it doesnt mean he should be on the road but he could probably read the highway code in english.which is something many cant.

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Guy I used to live next door to had macular degeneration, which means that his vision was fucked.

He had a small old Japanese car that he rarely drove, but he'd get massively worked up about anybody parking within 2 meters of it, because he couldn't see well enough to get it out of the parking space if anybody was parked too close.

It's ok though, the government stepped in and sorted it out.

He got a massive disabled parking space put in, and a two seater sports car on motability.

:S xD


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