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Cause and effect

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I hate this sort of thing:



Deprived areas such as Blackpool and parts of Manchester and Liverpool have five times more fast food outlets than affluent areas, a survey suggests.
The data, from Public Health England (PHE), compared levels of deprivation with numbers of takeaways such as chip shops, burger bars and pizza places.
Experts say children exposed to fast food on the way home from school are more likely to eat unhealthily.
PHE wants local authorities to refuse applications from new takeaways.

The presence of more fast food outlets is because there is more demand.  They don't build in poor areas and then hope demand will suddenly appear.

I'm absolutely confident that if you halved the number of fast-food outlets in poor areas then it would just double the turnover at the places left.

Similarly, if you increased the number of fast food outlets in affluent areas by fivefold, it would merely result in loads of fast-food outlets making massive losses.  

Sure, it seems like a trivial argument (can't do any harm to close them, I suppose), but it is deeper than that; it promotes a mindset that it is always 'someone else's fault'.  The first step to recognising a problem is that it doesn't matter whose fault it is, the only person that can do something about it is you.

[well, apart from the blame lying with 50 years of erroneous assumptions and promotions regarding diet.  But that's for a different thread(s)]

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