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2 minutes ago, Democorruptcy said:

Obviously at certain times of day a webcam might just be a black screen and some may not work on android etc.

This Norwegian one is quite impressive, how it changes zoom and direction https://www.lysefjordcam.com/live/

Another in Norway https://www.bt.no/nyheter/i/wqBV1/Floyen

Well Norway looks stunning there. Not even that far away really. 

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45 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

How odd. I mentioned Red Wharf Bay 5 minutes ago on an entirely different thread. Small world.

yar but demo pretends to be there when he isnt and makes me waste my time going to look if hes waving at the webcam.

I just went to have another look but he still isnt there, but i can see some people dogging in the dark though.


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For any twitchers and later in the day because it's in the USA. Best viewed full screen, like most webcams click the enlarge in the bottom (sometimes top) right corner


Or if you prefer elephants in Kenya


Before you start complaining leonardratso, I never at any time said those elephants would fly and I won't be in the USA or Kenya today.

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