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More poisoned Russkies??

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Nicely timed after England get through to the semis, this bollocks is getting tedious.

Edit:- Strange that boots has shut, sounds like the pharmacist has fooked up and given them the wrong stuff.

Edited by Chewing Grass

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Target Enters boots......

Do you have a nectar card?

Just sign your prescription on the back.

(Gosh this arabic writing is terribly hard to read, must be that new ISIS doctor theyve just hired, i wont bother calling him, its probably against his religion, ill just guess.

Heres 5 litres of methodone, don't take it all at once, its a decades supply.

Have a nice day now.

Target..... no, ill be careful (thinks ....holy shit it must be christmas.....best get myself home via that skiirpal bench).

Edited by leonardratso

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