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What are u doing to keep cool?


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5 minutes ago, leonardratso said:

im wearing a hawiian shirt, pair of cargo shorts and some shades and a fake moustache.

Im coupling that look with my 1976 red vauxhall firenza with a slightly cockeyed ferrari badge on it and a pair of doberman pinchers barking at me outside.

I look so cool in the 80's.



That's the worst Kojak impression that I have heard of.

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I just drunk a hot cup of coffee to test the 'hot drinks make you cooler' stuff.

It only works if it makes you perspire AND that you allow yourself to sweat - so it does not work if you are wearing clothing. Luckily, I am naked and it worked. I went very warm indeed for a few minutes, then felt sweaty for about a minute all over and am now feeling cooler.


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29 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

 Yes. Unless it is bloody freezing.

I will be out in the garden tonight naked having a look up at the stars and Mars whilst I have a wee. My neighbours have been away until today so I have had a naked fest in the back garden.

i often stagger outside at my girlfriends for a piss,maybe its because my own house is a terrace or because im bone idle im not sure

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