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small pension dilema

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in no rush to do anything has ive got at least 2 years yet,but would you take it or not.i opted out of serps for a bit and have roughly 30k at 65 its projected to give me 1500 a year for life,the problem is my male relitives dont tend to live long my dad died at 65 his brother at 70 ,now i also think pensions could end up being means tested in the future,on the other hand if i take it at 55 i will be taxed on 75% of it .its only a small amount of money but on the other hand what will 1500 quid get you in 2030....

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3 minutes ago, spygirl said:

Keep it, for insurance.

Draw it out when you get the faral illness.

i didnt realize your family got it if you died i got some life insurence after the recent demise of a cousin at 51.if i cashed it in after i caught a feral illness id have to declare it or be done for fraud lol.

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