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Frank Hovis

Longest lunar eclipse of the century - July 27

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Don't miss this one people; it reads like an amazing experience.  I will try to bump it nearer the date.



AN ULTRA-rare blood moon is set to bring the longest lunar eclipse of the century - and Mars will be brighter than ever.

The historic eclipse will last an hour and 43 minutes in total, and is expected to take place on July 27.

And unusually, Mars will simultaneously appear brighter than it has in 15 years as it passes closer to the earth than it has in over a decade.

Astronomer Robery Massey told The Times: "It is a really nice and rare opportunity to seen eclipse moon next to Mars in the night sky.

"You’ll have two bright objects of such huge public interest…it’s a great chance for photographers.

The moon will tell blood red because bands of green and violet light will be scattered through the atmosphere.




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2 hours ago, unregistered_guest said:

From that it seems we just get the eclipse and its waning, but not it's arrival and so some of the excitement, the anticipation, the build up, won't be seen from the UK.

I'm sure that the So-Called BBC are over egging common astral events much more than previously, blue moons, blood moons strawberry moons etc

The annual the excitement of the Perseids will be touted on the So-Called BBC soon

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Oh God, not another 'rare' blood Moon.

the So-Called BBC 'science' journalists will be wibbling and wetting themselves about this one like all the others that occur regularly.

I expect Tim Peake will be asked to comment..... ;)

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Hi Spacewatchers!

It's Tim Peake here, Astro-Space Journalist!

There's going to be another ultra-rare Blood Moon this month!!!!

People keep asking if I'm going to write about another bleeding eclipse, but it's not really blood!

Imagine you are walking with your dog, which runs around you in circles, and then stops in your shadow to have a sniff of something. That's like an eclipse, only your dog would be red!

Space-shadows are cool! Like me!!

I'm an astronaut, you know!

Keep Spacewatching!


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