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Building on green belt

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    • By Libspero
      I may expose my naivety here,   but I have never really been involved with council planning etc until now and I thought I'd share this little real world story with the forum just because who doesn't love a little anecdotal
      So,  recently the vocal minority of local octogenarians in my village got together and decided to petition the council to reduce the speed limit because they don't like all the traffic  (we don't get a lot,  but our village is sort of a local rat-run so we get a bit at peak times and being a rural back road people tend to hammer it a bit).
      Anyway,  I have been vocally opposed (I like being a rural back water rather than a residential/urban zone),  but surprisingly the council "gave in" and offered to change our zoning to a 30 mph limit (and the police have been busy creaming money off the through traffic for a few months now).   
      Last week the council announced their new 20 year plan for Warrington...   and low and behold,  the new residential zoning falls perfectly in line with where their proposed new housing estate will go (in the fields opposite our house).   You might think I'd be pissed off,  but as an ex HPCer I'm actually sympathetic to the fact we have to build houses somewhere,  and eventually,  yes,  I will have to move somewhere else if I want to return to a rural backwater again.   The fantastic thing for me is sitting back and watching the howling and squealing coming from our helpful idiot octogenarians who are now of course up in arms about the development.   Beautifully..  they don't realise the irony yet that it was they who requested the re-zoning in the first place and now they are reaping the benefits.
      I'm not sure if my little story warmed any cockles..   but I've been smiling to myself today.    
      I've learned:  
      1)  if the council actually help you with something they probably have an agenda
      2)  speed limits are almost entirely assigned on a "who shouts loudest basis" as opposed to anything remotely to do with road safety
      3 )  Karma's a bitch
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