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Wimbledon semi - 24-24

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They really need to introduce tie-breaks for the last set.

Could make it at 10-10.

Make the men's' doubles three sets as well. Might encourage top players to enter again.

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I haven't watched a single game of tennis this year. I can't be arsed with all the grunting, shrieking and wailing like banshees from the players. They've killed it for me.(New) BALLS to Wimbledon. 

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16 hours ago, Battenberg said:

I shan't comment on the women, as it's not my thing, but regarding stamina, imo male tennis players have the best physic. Absolutely spot on.


There was a survey amongst pro sports players a couple of years ago and they ranked tennis, particularly men's tennis owing to the longer matches and harder serves, as requiring the highest level of all round fitness (speed, strength, stamina).

Andy Murray has a FOUR HOUR standard regime after each match to prepare him for the next day, includes static cycling, ice bath, massage.



(I realise that you weren't specifically referring to their athleticism BB!)

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23 minutes ago, spunko2010 said:

Crazy that people still think women tennis players should be paid the same as men despite playing less. 

It's an entertainment business; whoever brings in the most money gets most money themselves.  Which in tennis is the men.

In gymnastics and ice skating it would be the women.

In equestrian it would be equal.

You don't get paid just for putting in the effort as any amateur sports person will confirm.

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