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Money well spent

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Councils are being run more and more like businesses.  Rather than a 'serve the population' remit, it is much more of a 'go over the paperwork and do only exactly what has been agreed'.

Oh, except that businesses have to operate in a competitive marketplace, while councils have a monopoly -- so they can think up all sorts of bonkers and people have no option but to put up with it.  The stupid thing is, this sort of thing (bins, say) won't actually save much money, and will cost money to operate, but councils can't seem to help themselves in such situations.

I want to set up a website called 'oh-stop-being-such-a-knob.co.uk' (or, maybe, councils-abusing-their-position.gov.uk), where people can submit where councils are working too much to the smallprint and where central government could intervene to stop this sort of nonsense.

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1 hour ago, Hopeful said:

But I live in Devon.

Oh well, if they say so.

I'll give them a ring.

I think you should. The man who answered the phone to me last week and took a message didn't pass it on to the person I wanted him to, but never mind. 

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