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More Economist fuckups....

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'A super-rich economist who fathered triplets by his Thai bride and attempted to have his identity hidden in court documents had his 'worthless bid' to protect his 'double life' thrown out by a judge in court.

Harlow Higinbotham and 'wife' Wipaporn Teekhungam have been locked in legal battles across the globe from Thailand to the US and now England after their affair ended in chaos.

Higinbotham was already married when he 'wed' his girlfriend Wipaporn in her native Thailand in 2004.  

As well as paying a dowry to her father, he gave her a diamond ring and handed her a credit card, saying she could spend $8,000-a-month.

The Thai bride had found out he was already married one year earlier but went ahead with their own nuptials anyway. '

Triplets? IVF in play Id guess.

' Miss Teekhungam then went through 'intensive, painful and distressing' IVF treatment, to give birth to their triplet sons in 2009, said the judge. '

Ahh. Knew it.

'Miss Teekhungam won a court order in Thailand to have her husband pay child maintenance, but his American wife then sued her for £2 million.

She described herself as a 'civic leader' and a 'famous person', coming from a 'prominent family'.'

Cold she have not tore his shirts up? Thats he normal thing.

'She wanted back every penny her husband had paid Miss Teekhungam during their 'affair' and seven-figure damages for her 'humiliation'. 

The wife's claim was dismissed by a Thai court in 2015 and the following year, Miss Teekhungham successfully sued in America to enforce the child maintenance payments.

Feeling unsafe in Thailand, she travelled to England in 2013 and settled in Norfolk with her husband, Winton Anthony Perry, added the judge.'

Ah, no matter where the person is from, or what the problem is, the solution always appears to be 'travel to the UK'.


Still, Im sure they are self supporting...



'Sometimes when you meet someone their story stops you dead in your tracks. Stops you dead and you know that you have to help. This happened to me when I was working on an ambulance with a great guy who's on the verge of losing his house and family. I wanted to help so have set up this petition on his behalf, and I've asked him to write a summary. What follows is his story in his own words. 

"I am a UK born British national and have been lucky enough to travel the world due to my UK passport and the doors in which it opens and the opportunities it affords. On these travels I met and married a Thai woman and moved back to the UK to return home and start our life together.

We arrived with just suitcases having spent three months in France with my parents, and I worked as a postman to begin with in the North West. I loved it but the pay was not enough - even working two rounds - so we were forced to move so we packed up and moved again down to Norfolk to commence my paramedic training, an exciting transition and something I had wanted to do since Paramedics saved my brothers life. It is a much needed profession on the career, all about acceptance, protection and care to the highest standards at all times in the most difficult of circumstances.

I applied to the Home Office to have my visas extended at a cost of nearly £10,000 for the right to remain in the UK and thought nothing more of it which is no mean feat on a student salary. I then recieve a letter denying me the right to remain casting aspersions on the fact we were a family. I am shocked at this and struggle to unravel the complex nature of the immigration case and its rules that no one seems to know. I even spoke directly with a family friend who is an immigration judge and even they were not sure on the rules as they change so frequently.

We claimed asylum which was denied after having to drag my family to Croydon immigration centre and being denied entrance after waiting some 6-7 hours. We then had to go to Solihull for another interview and I was not allowed in the building, and nothing was recorded in the interview so I do not know what was said and done. This was also denied.

In desperation I travelled to London to meet legal experts costing thousands more I do not have. Evwn with their help all we received was denial after denial. We have no right of appeal in their 19 page denial letter - they state that there is nothing stopping me from going back and living in Asia with my family other than the glaringly obvious facts that my career is here, my family are here the children only speak English and have only ever attended English schools, my wife does not work and does not claim anything, she is not allowed to drive and is constantly sent letters denying her health care.

I work for the NHS, I pay my National Insurance just like all those who work and yet I am denied the basic things I pay into.

At any point they can be taken by police to a holding centre and then removed to Thailand and banned from re entering the UK for ten years. For the past few years we have had to sign in at the police station each month with the children there most of the time.  We have done EVERYTHING asked of us for years, yet still we are not allowed to have a life. 

The world is so small: people do not marry the person in the next village or town, we spread the net far and wide. My sister is married to a New Zealander and allowed to stay in this country, my brother married to a Filipino and also allowed to stay - why am I so different?

I am at the end and we are about to have to move the children out of school (one of whom has dyslexia) and move to country where I have no job or income, no house, the children do not speak the language, I need a visa to stay and then only for 90 days and is on the Home Office's website as a dangerous country.

As you can imagine I have been extremely affected by all of this: I have been medicated for stress and depression, I do not sleep well or eat, I am unable to do most things families do and have not been on holiday due to the UK Border Agency holding all our passports including my UK passport, I have been medicated for high blood pressure, I have had counselling all of which has proved fruitless, I have missed time off work and had to delay my progression in my career due to not having the concentration to do this to the best of my abilities, my wife is depressed, the children are affected as we spend all our money on lawyers and we can not afford to do any activities, I have been unable to even visit a dentist due to the money being spent elsewhere.

I feel totally and utterly let down by my own country of birth. I would appreciate if you could share to as many people as you can and like and sign and show your support in this matter - it is truly devastating to us and will do untold damage to the boys' education"

Please sign, like and share this petition. Nobody who dedicated their life to helping others should receive this despicable treatment'



OK, they are not his kids, so they have no right to be in the UK at all.

And she wont be allowed inthe UK as hes not earning enough.

Id also guess that hes not a UK citizen. Why would he, personally, need a visa? I can only assume the visa is for his wife - and her children.








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