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We believe them. Don't we?

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13 minutes ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

Weapons manufacturers and military sorts can definitely be trusted not to develop anything nasty like that, history shows us this.....9_9


As sure as night follows day

But 'biological' warfare will take hold. A 'virus' could wipe out an army, without an ethical furore

And so, just as in nature, an arms race will ensue between parasite/disease and host


(I seem to be currently under attack from a hornet - I need a swat team)

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    • By Dave Bloke
      Well no not yet but you can see where this is going on Chinese tv where their news anchor has been digitally cloned
    • By Everentt
      Because of his recent suppression by plod, I
      went to see Icke on his World Tour.
      Given how the media paint him, I was expecting
      to find 90% of what he said ridiculous, but
      actually this was inverted, and I found 90% of
      what he said plausible. He seemed to me to be a
      regular avuncular dosbodder. He's very good on
      'big picture' themes. He's also channeling Ken Dodd
      because he goes on for hours.
      He began by saying that the new religion is
      'being offended' and that it needs to be stopped.
      The simplest way is to stop applying labels to
      ourselves and other people. He also repeated what
      has been said on here on the Count Dankula
      thread: you can't give offense, only choose to
      take it.
      Another theme of his was inversion: things being
      the opposite of what they claim. He quoted Chris Hedges
      saying "We now live in a nation where
      doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice,
      universities destroy knowledge, governments
      destroy freedom, the press destroys information,
      religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy
      the economy."
      An example he gave of this is how Anitfa, who
      want shut down free speech from the right, are
      actually acting as facists.
      He was on the money by implicating fractional
      reserve banking and currency issued as debt as
      keeping the 99.9% in servitude.
      He got on to the current promotion/explosion of
      transgender. His conjectural leap is that we will
      eventually be uploaded into some robotic body or
      large computer, and that these won't have a
      gender, so we are being softened up for the idea.
      He mentioned how little of the stuff comprising our
      universe is in the form of e-m radiation or force
      carrying particles, and even then we can only
      detect a tiny fraction of the bandwidth, so we
      are little more than blind.
      One the big items of ridicule in the press is his
      assertion that aliens control us, but he
      explained this much more coherently: he invoked
      the Drake equation to suggest that alien life was
      highly probably, and it need only have existed
      for a short period. Like us, they would have
      discovered AI and computers and transcended
      to become essentially immortal. This
      does two things. It massively increases the
      chances that they currently exist, and it would enable them
      to travel the large interstellar distances to
      take control of us.
      As a result, he is very negative about smart
      phones, wearable tech, wifi, Google, Facebook
      because it is easy for an AI superintelligence to
      The things I didn't accept were that most of our
      Western leaders are 'half bloods'.
      That contrails are chemtrails and are releasing
      swarms of nanobots (I thought this would probably
      have been spotted).
      That 5G wifi is incredibly powerful and is needed
      by TPTB for world domination.
      I didn't like how the news articles that he quoted had
      originated from his own website.
      I also gained the impression he was slightly
      dyslexic, so I saw "strenght" and he said
      tetstosterone, and plasti-city.He rhymed Albert
      Camus with 'bus'. I think he would benefit from a
      philosophical/scientific advisor to try to help him
      hone his ideas so that they are internally consistent.
      Many times he's only saying what people like Kaku or
      Al Khalili are saying about multiverses or living in a computer
      simulation, but when they say it it is profound. When Icke says
      it, he is a called a nutter.
      i forgot to mention that the audience was a real 
      mixed bag of singletons, couples, elderly, young, 
      Westerners and muslim, men and women, well-to-do
      and down at heel.
    • By Dave Bloke
      We keep hearing that AI is making vast leaps in terms of machine translation but there are still some things that trip it up, depending on the context. I guess it is like self driving cars seeing a leaf as a pedestrian.
      From google translate today:
      "mettre l'haricot en commentaires et copier la guerre dans le repertoire du serveur matou"
      which makes almost perfect sense when translated into English (if you know that Matou is a Tomcat) but is total bollocks if you are French.
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