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Times Square NY car deaths

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Just now, swissy_fit said:

I'd have thought the opposite - attack = more vigilance and less likelihood of repeat.


Times square is already really heavily policed.  Note the sheer number of cops in that photo above who were there in seconds to arrest the guy.

There are also armed response teams visible most days

And bollards (see photos of where the car stopped).

Imagine if this attack had happened on london bridge.....

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12 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

NYPD saying that the driver has a history of DWI's - drunk driving.

Pretty amazing that he managed to get all the way through NY traffic so drunk and then lost it at Times Square.

Now they are saying that they haven't identified the person yet.  Difficult to get a history I suspect.

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Annie Donahey tweeted: "A car just purposely sped onto the sidewalk in Times Square trying to hit people.

"The girl who was walking next to me died."

"If I would have waited to cross the street I'd probably be dead right now.

"This didn't look like an accident. The driver was steering into people.

"At least one girl was dead on impact. Lots of people on the ground covered in blood."

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