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One percent

Keith Vas; a fine upstanding man

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Labour MP Keith Vaz bullied clerks who sought to uphold the rules and process of the Commons, Newsnight has learned.

One clerk claims Mr Vaz, who in 2016 quit as the head of a select committee after a tabloid reported he had hired prostitutes, told her she was bad at her job because she was "not a mother".

Accounts of his behaviour were recorded in the clerk's appraisals but no one in the Commons intervened to protect her.

Other clerks have told Newsnight that this was part of a pattern of behaviour. They said that the Leicester East MP was prone to bullying clerks, particularly those who tried to stand up for the standards of the House.

Ms McCullough alleges that Mr Vaz said she was a poor clerk because she was "not a mother". He also made jokes about whether Ms McCullough was a security threat, on account of her Northern Irish background and accent.


racist too.  My, my. 

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He's awfully well off for a Labour MP isn't he? Maybe it's time for the IR to conduct an audit of his affairs. I come from Leicester and rumour has it that all of his wealth might not be 100% legitimate. 

Hard to believe I know. 

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