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The bee and the beggar

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I dont know about Manchester but I just got back from a weekend break in Oxford and I cannot remember seeing so many beggars in such a small area. More than in central London.

The place is packed with tourists of course but I suspect mainly it is due to the privileged, educated types living there... must make them feel good to help a beggar. There was one young girl, still asleep in a door way in the morning with four celophane wrapped baguettes waiting for her for her breakfast. If I ever fall on very hard times I'm heading for Oxford! 

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      When they moved the So-Called BBC up north, how much did it cost and how much benefit did it bring? How many new jobs (tea ladies, cleaners) did it actually bring, how much "talent" moved up from the south with huge £££ to help fund house price rises in the nicer parts of Gt Manchester.

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