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Am I the only one?

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6 minutes ago, sarahbell said:

Everyone is waking up this morning to the sad news of Barry Chuckle passing.

Am I the only one wondering how carrying the coffin in to the crem with go?



Connorscontract: Can you imagine Paul trying to carry the coffin with the Undertakers?


(no idea what the forum is, just "googled" barry chuckle coffin)

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Just thinking about the Chuckle Brothers makes me laugh so their name wasn’t wasted. Happy days watching them with my children when they were little. 

Sorry to hear about Barry and sad for his family. 

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I've always liked them; they have good timing and make even the weakest script work.  I did duckduckgo a while back to see if they had a background in the last days of the music halls and turned up this story about their elder brothers' double act as posted above:




He's got the last chuckle: Third Chuckle Brother Jimmy Patton, 85, weds his 26-year-old girlfriend 18 months after he popped the question

  • Jimmy Patton, 85, proposed to Amy Phillips, 25, after meeting her on Facebook 
  • Got married in the Southport Theatre ahead of their Gran Canaria honeymoon
  • Sparked up a romance after Amy commented on Mr Patton's Facebook post 







And yes ladies I do find that 59 year age gap just wrong.

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