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Turned Out Nice Again

Operation Nookie 60

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Need to leave Mr Nice guy behind you TONA. Taking someone else's dog for a walk and picking up it's shit? Fuck that. Buying some bird you're not shagging meals? Fuck no. When she started droning on about her ex you need to cut that shit out immediately "i'm not here to talk about your ex". If she continues then you leave.

The whole dating thing is just putting too much power in a birds hands anyway. Going to bars is shit. Invite her round to make you tea and sandwiches while you work on your car. Tell her to meet you up the gym, even if she's a cunt you still get a workout. Get her to help you buy a new suit or whatever. Put yourself first. If you have to do drinks make it somewhere close. When I was dating I'd meet birds at a pub (not my local) 2 mins down the road from me. If it's a shit date i'd end it and walk home, 2 mins later I'm back home doing something productive. Worst thing I've lost If they wanted to meet up somewhere else and start negotiating then they can do one. Put yourself first for gods sake.

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1 hour ago, Turned Out Nice Again said:

Out again tonight. The feedback on this thread has been very useful already.

Up to now I think I've been subconsciously trying to create intimacy with women via empathy with all these fail revelations. But women don't want to empathise with prospective romantic partners. So, no more tales of bad dates, women I failed to shag and unhappy marriages.

My life is fkn awesome!

Let's see how that goes.

I'd suggest somewhere in between shite and awesome.

Not looking for a crutch.

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