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"ClockBoy" takes a header

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'Clock boy' discrimination case thrown out by Texas judge


A US judge has thrown out a discrimination case brought by the family of a Muslim student whose homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb. 

In 2015 Ahmed Mohamed was arrested in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, after his teacher said the clock looked like an explosive device.

Photos of the 14-year-old's arrest sparked a public outcry.

But on Thursday a Texas judge ruled there was no evidence of racial or religious discrimination.

"Plaintiff does not allege any facts from which this court can reasonably infer" that Irving Independent School District employees "intentionally discriminated" against Ahmed Mohamed, wrote US District Judge Sam Lindsay in his ruling.


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47 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

The boy is too young to blame, I am sure his father put him up to it.


Id put the clock down to doing dumb stuff as a kid.

Then the whole lot spun off, out of control. He Das seeing him as a meal ticket celebs are seeing him as a cause, rightwingers see him as the enemy.

And daft arse gets to go school in some shithole of a middle eastern country.. Good luck getting someone to buy beer for you there.

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9 minutes ago, Chewing Grass said:

Its a lot easier to change your family name, know two who have done it to distance themselves from all the nutters.

Indeed it is Chewy.

My transition from Mussolini to Robson went very smoothly...



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