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Soft lad

Offensive Security

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8 minutes ago, davidg said:

I think it is to work the doors at an average British night club.

"yer not going in with them fuckin' trainers"

"are you ckin blind, read the sign, no blacks"

"no jeans you poofter"

I had a similar experience in a gentleman's club last night.  A colleague invited a few of us along for dinner. One turned up late with flip flops on and the doorman would not let her in.  Lots of texts and apologies later, the sommelier took pity and found a pair of very battered flat black shoes in the back of the kitchen.  xD 

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58 minutes ago, Soft lad said:

Has anybody done this course?  Looks pretty tough; practical 24 hr exam.  Is it worth the money?


The value of this sort of thing is defined by how it'll increase your earning potential.  Usually this means that it'll get you extra work or extra per hour payment.  I wouldn't pay for it until I'd had confirmation that it would give you that return.  And I've not heard of people having this certification.

So, probably not.

Edited by dgul

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      Honestly I think I'm getting too old for all this.

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