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Here come the robots....

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1 hour ago, spygirl said:

And here comes the morons.


Andy Haldane was at the BoE when 90% of uk banks by lending went under/bust/state owned.

Id say his powers of prediction and understanding of software is pretty limited.

Understanding basic percentages must be a struggle for his ilk, the warning signs were all there just in the debt/income ratios. 

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Every so often I like to have look at what Boston Dynamics and MIT are up to on youtube, some of their robots are really cool, and a little scary.


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Why all this negativity towards AI? I view it as the only savior against Idiocracy-style collapse of intellect.

The retarded IQ classes of Mussers, Africans and other assorted nincompoops will be economically decimated by robotics, AI and automation. 


Let them reflect on that as they dress up in their medieval costumes!

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