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Great Guy

Absolute Nutter But Awesome Guy

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Few nutters earn my respect. However this is one such guy. He spent 18 months armour plating a bulldozer and then drove it through a town. Seemingly there were no windows in it and and he drove by looking at CCTV footage from cameras. The cameras eventually got covered with dust and he could no longer see. Seemingly there was no door on it and he sat in his dozer and the armour plating was lowered into position before he drove off.





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It's not quite a "Shawshank Redemption" level victory against the bad guys though, is it? We don't even know if they were the bad guys or whether he was just being a greedy dick. He ended up changing nothing and throwing his life away.

The amusing thing is the thought of the police and authorities rendered helpless while he did it, I daresay if the building he got stuck in hadn't had a basement he'd have carried on until he ran out of fuel.

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Very similar to this case or even Columbine or Derrick Bird where there's a fairly strong body of evidence the main protagonist/s were getting shat on to some extent, the authorities either won't/can't help or are partially responsible. Very difficult to decide on sympathy levels if they're genuinely backed into a corner. There's a sort of ethos that any response to provocation that ends fatally automatically makes the response disproportionate and unjustified but we still allow the killing of enemies, by pretty much any means, provided it's officially sanctioned we're at war. In many ways those involved probably feel a similar at war mentality.

With this case apparently the planning officer had deliberately invited the TV to showboat, wasn't well liked by colleagues at the council and there was a feeling he was running an almost personal vendetta against the guy. It famously ended when the planning office told the TV crew to 'get a shot of his gun' seconds before being fatally shot.

No winners in it really although I think it's very likely planning officers wound their necks in a bit with enforcement whilst the incident was in recent memory.

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