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Mirror Mirror

Something to cheer you up

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6 hours ago, Mirror Mirror said:

Seems the Khan (mfwabd) in a bikini blimp will be flying over London on 1 Sept.


Sorry if already posted, had a look but couldnt see it.


I do try to keep up (with the increasing necessity to use) new abbraviations), but what the hell is ...  mfwabd?! (Nb Google was no help on this occasion and I am a curious cat!  xD )

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25 minutes ago, Reck B said:

He was something to do with getting this advert banned from the underground I think;




Edit - yep;



Khan can solve body shaming for all women in a stroke by mandating full body coverings.


Problem solved.

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    • By One percent
      Stupid I'd as stupid does
      still whinging on about how very dare trump think he can visit the uk and London.  
      Is this deliberate on the part of khan or has he an agenda here?  
      I don't care what section of the so called community he actually represents, he is th major of London.  He needs to be diplomatic  
      trump is the most powerful person on the planet.  He appears to have a special place for the uk (god knows why). He is prepared to do trade deal and seems to support brexit And has little time for the eu.  
      Why then go out of you way to piss him off?  
    • By One percent
      Thought this deserved its own thread
      Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has drawn up plans to close half of London’s police stations, leaked documents have revealed.
      A series of emails between police officials and City Hall staff seen by the Guardian, show proposals to reduce the number of stations open to the public across the capital from 73 to 36.
      The plans, which were first mooted in emails in January this year, would likely see just one police station with a 24-hour front desk in most boroughs, with two remaining open in some busier areas.
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