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    • By Frank Hovis
      I genuinely can't remember; certainly not since 2000.  I'd be pretty confident that I haven't used one for twenty years.  For me they went out about the same time as 5.25" floppy discs.
      The NHS however, with its cutting edge systems, is not only still using them but still buying them.  I ddn't even know that you could still buy them.
      They don't bother to improve because they don't have to - they are just given yet more taxpayers' money to waste.
      Their systems are laughably bad.
    • By One percent
      A female healthcare worker has been arrested on suspicion of murdering eight babies and attempting to murder six others at a Cheshire hospital.
      Detectives are investigating the deaths of 17 youngsters at the Countess of Chester Hospital in 2015 and 2016, and 15 other 'non-fatal' cases.
      Police today confirmed they had arrested a woman who they described only as 'a healthcare professional' this morning. They have not said whether the woman is a nurse, doctor or worked in another role.
      She is being questioned of suspicion of having murdered eight of the children and attempting to murder six others.
    • By spygirl
      Kids still getting rickets!!!!!!!
      Tory/Brexit/Trump cuts to the NHS.
      Sad as it is for the kid, the problem here is that black and brown people struggle to get enough Vit D from the UK's weedy sunlight.
      Thats the fucking story.
      The reason why the number of ricket cases is rising - at a fare clip - is due to the ever increasing number of black/brown people living in the UK.
      Me, personally, Id not live South of Barcelona/Milan - just too hot for me; too pale.
      There's a strong case to be made for really black people people not living North of those lines.
      Im not all NF/Enoch but white people are designed to live in the top bit of the world. Black people in the centre, Brown people somewhere between. It takes a good few generations to adapt to the different sunlight.
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