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A pictoral 'In praise of cheerful anglo women who have kept their looks and figure' thread

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6 minutes ago, Sgt Hartman said:

She's absolutely fooking splendid.

Bats for the opposite team, or so I've heard.

I heard she's one of those smoking hot types that bat for both sides. May not be true but I find that idea more palatable as it concerns my fantasy walking and bedroom companion.

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14 minutes ago, The Masked Tulip said:

Gillian had a boob job last year IIRC. I have a photo somewhere on my hard drive - chortle - of her looking spiffing. She also has a very high fuckability rating as in she is someone who just gives off, um, a certain vibe.




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28 minutes ago, Fully Detached said:

Would you chaps be so kind as to put names on your selections?

I know what you’re up to.

Reverse image search, get the name then re-search the name including the word “nude” 

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