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Sucralose Ray Leonard

RIP Bandit

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10 hours ago, SNACR said:

The Cannonballs were never a great watch but it sure always looked like they had a lot of fun making them


Err, i think you'll find the parts with Adrienne Barbeau and Daisy Duke were worth watching repeatedly. 


God I miss the 80s.

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15 hours ago, JoeDavola said:

Definitely not a soyboy. RIP Burt.



he broke Clint eastwards' jaw punching him. so I guess not.

13 hours ago, swiss_democracy_for_all said:

No, that is definitely Gunnislake in Cornwall. @Frank Hovis and @Wahoo will confirm.

looks more like Tha Farrest to me



Edited by Dave Bloke

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He liked to do his own stunts. One stunt he was repeatedly warned not to do but he did it anyway. Jump onto a tree branch from a moving truck. Fucked him up good style. The movie had to be scrapped and he got the bill.

Rather than go the bankruptcy route, he took anything that paid well, eg the SpecSavers ads, and after some years, paid off what he owed.

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