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Victoria Wood

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Victoria Wood 
Opens 8 September 2018. 2pm launch – all welcome!

BAFTA award winning comic Victoria Wood is Bury’s most famous daughter. 
She was best known for her BBC sketch Acorn Antiques and the comedy dinnerladies, and was one of the nation’s most respected and loved comedians. Working in collaboration with her Literary Estate the exhibition will feature some well-loved and recognisable scripts for shows such as, Wood and Walters, As Seen of TV, An Audience With, Pat and Margaret, Acorn Antiques - The Musical, Housewife 49. Also on display will be photos, numerous awards and the icon yellow beret worn by the character Kimberley’s Friend. As well as costumes from two of her Christmas Specials.
There will be school magazines from Bury Grammar School when she was a pupil in the 1960s, one features a story by Victoria entitled ‘Pardon’? exam certificates and school reports. There will also be the chance to see Victoria Wood’s handwritten notes for the song the lyrics for ‘Fashion’, the song that won her New Faces 1974. As well as other very early scripts.

The exhibition runs until September 2019
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She was funny IMO but comedy is veyr much personal taste.  Some people think Steve Martin and Mel Brooks geniuses both but they leave me cold.

I loved that thing she had going on with Morrissey in the 80s where they were swiping each others lyrics ("scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen") and both seemed very happy about it; more of  atribute thing than plagiarising.  She commented on it in her usual (IMHO) witty way with:

"Morrissey and I are very much in love but have yet to meet"

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