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Corbyn’s Seat Abolished

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1 minute ago, spygirl said:

Maybe Diane will have to sit on Cuntbyns face again?

Well, that’s a fucking nauseating vision, thanks for that.

I’m reconsidering my opinion that it won’t go through. I wonder if some of the anti-Corbyn crew on the Labour side - particularly the ones about to be deselected anyway - might vote for it?

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30 minutes ago, TheBlueCat said:

Zero chance of getting through the commons and lords but funny all the same:


They were looking at putting part of New Moston (Manchester) into Oldham along with us (Chadderton). Borders are always difficult and currently we have a GMP border between New Moston and Chadderton. It's a bit of a silly line - but parliamentarily make about the same amount of sense at Failsworth currently being part of Ashton constituency. 
Logically, move Failsworth (oldham) to be part of the Oldham constituency. 

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