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leadership skills and mentoring

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The Leadership Mentoring Programme is a six month mentoring scheme designed exclusively to widen opportunities for talented individuals with leadership potential by tapping into the wisdom and experiences of the British Ambassador and the Deputy Head of Mission to Cambodia.

This year ten mentees will be selected and all will have four one-on-one sessions with the Ambassador or the DHM over a period of six months starting from October. Each session will focus on a wide range of topics including leadership/ management skills and professional development. Mentees can also propose topics of discussion that suit their development needs. Participants are required to write a reflection letter or blog after each session.

This mentoring scheme is suitable for young professionals with less than five years of work experience. Applications from all sectors are welcomed.

Applications will be sifted according to the following criteria:

  • Willingness/availability to commit to the full programme
  • Reason for applying
  • Leadership aspiration
  • How the learning will be applied and shared with others.


I've recently subscribed to DEFRA's news updates. Fascinating stuff. 

They send all the .gov.uk stuff. 

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The British Embassy is regarded as a sick joke here in Cambodia by British expats. The best that could happen to it would be for it to burn down with all the occupants still inside.

A joke doing the rounds here recently (OK, OK, I made it up..):

Me: Hey, guys, it’s amazing; I hear you can start getting passports again at the British Embassy!

Friend: Really? Wow, they haven’t done that for years!

Me: Only trouble is that you have to be Canadian.

Friend: Huh?

Me: Yes, the Embassy have sublet part of te building to the Canucks!

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