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Kurt Barlow

Venture Capital Trusts

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A general question really but Frank is probably best placed to answer. What are the typical returns on VCT's irrespective of the tax position. 

I have concluded I will never own property again, not least due to the mercurial views of my wife which largely seem to be at 180 degrees to whatever view I'm taking. So in this situation I might as well take some of my deposit money and get it working harder. I don't mind some risk. I have had the occasional share holding go bust -fortunately they have been small holdings. 

I won't hold anyone to their comments about returns!

Also general views on investing in them. 

I have a six figure sum invested in shares and investment trusts so I am reasonably savvy but haven't ventured into VCT's other some smallish holdings of industrial providence society shares (wind farms). 


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