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Your Children WILL be next

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I DJ in a stupid (but cool) girly bar once a week for fun.

I have just ranted and raved at all the people in the bar to play this song every day of their lives from henceforth in order to stop Islam in its tracks.

it was the biggest cheer in the 3-hr set!

Pleaee please do the same in your county. I am doing as much as I can from here.

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    • By The Masked Tulip
      Just in case India and Pakistan do kick things off heralding the end of the world and forcing DOSBODers to turn to their baked bean stash, we may as well have a thread about the brotherly love between India and Pakistan.
      When they no longer had the British to hate they appear to have realised that they hate one another.
    • By Bkkandrew
      Looks like the war there is hotting up. Clearly a proxy for wider Sunni vs Shia; KSA vs Iran.
      Like every derby game at the footie, tackles going in hard and someone may end up with a bloody nose.
      How will it all turn out?
    • By The Masked Tulip
      Relatives of mine went to Acapulco about 40 years ago - at the time they had to have armed hotel guards to protect them if they went outside of the resort. Armed guards also patrolled the hotel boundary and kept an eye on the beach. They had a fab time though by all accounts
      But, never having gone there mysel, I ended up hating the place due to those endless property programmes where Brits go to buy a house or second home overseas. For a while it seemed that nearly every week they were doing a programme on Brits buying homes in Acapulco. I can clearly recall one lovely blue house over-looking the sea that simply looked a delightful place to live. It had pinkish terracota pots hanging outside full of the most beautifully coloured flowers.
      Having just watched a Sky News report on Acapulco I now learn that it is a war zone with the US government advising tourists to stay away from the area - apparently the tourist iindustry collapsed some months ago.
      I wonder what happened to those people who bought holiday homes there?
      Acapulco: The resort killed by drugs, guns and gangs

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