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Dave Bloke

The normalization of gang rape, film at 11

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I can't tell you much about the incident, there is a news blackout, the French police have blocked virtually all information - forums, chat, images, videos. Videos? Yes four young men, of African origin decided to gang rape a 19 year old outside a Toulouse Discotheque. It is apparently pretty common and if a complaint is made (the victim was possibly drugged with Rohypnol, or drunk?) it gets the usual Gallic shrug from "Le Plod". According to local papers there is an epidemic of rape, and gang rape in Toulouse of both adults and under aged girls. Crimes are frequently committed at the end of the week. Of course the press and police are very cagey about the identity of the aggressors - well unless it is Mr Dupont, the catholic priest or Mr Gonthier the local car mechanic - then you get the full details of their lives. A case in point is a gang rape that occurred in October 2017, we learn that one of the aggressors was a security guard for the Carcassonne town hall ([probably another town to put on your "no visit" list) and it is only from round about sources we discover he is a M. Zouhair with 9 convictions against him for sexual assault. Wow, and the town hall took him on as a guard?

So what of this latest incident? This time some spectators thought it was a good idea to film it and post the video online. So Le Plod has had to take action - to take down the video and images of the rapists.


Video of the rape filmed in Toulouse: the limits of reality TV
September 19, 2018 7:00 p.m. -
Video Rape Filmed Toulouse Limits Reality TV
Saturday evening on the parking lot of a nightclub in the suburbs of Toulouse, a young girl was raped. It was filmed and the video posted on social networks. The limits of the great replacement of morals are indefinitely pushed back, in a gigantic reality TV experience.
They were four young people busy raping a young woman in a black dress in front of a nightclub in Balma in the southeast suburb of Toulouse, Carpe Diem. There are said to be several videos of the scene. I saw one. The young woman staggers, we don't know if she is drunk or drugged, the four are flatly ignoble, solidarily stupid in the mutual training to evil. They hold her by the hair and don't need to hit her. You don't see a penis, but the image is pornographic, dirty, vile, humiliating.

The gendarmerie is blocking the video of the rape
Videos have been posted on Snapchat, Twitter and Youtube. They were reported to Pharos (Platform for Harmonisation, Analysis, Cross-referencing and Orientation of Reports), the gendarmerie body in charge of Web policing. Since then, they have been blocked. Thanks to them an investigation was launched, the victim identified (she is nineteen years old and will be interviewed). Investigators are looking for the four rapists, the one or ones who filmed, and passive witnesses.
Because sound is as important as image, at the limit more. We hear a male voice say, with nothing to reproach, and like the observation of an obvious fact: "Stop, it's rape". Others say, it's more classic: "She wants". Another "Leave me alone with her, I have to giver  her a seeing too..". And finally, a deeper, more composed, almost academic voice: "Oh, guys, guys, guys, take turns. »

The reality of a small rape between friends in Toulouse
Whether out of fear, lack of timeliness or indifference, no one comes to the victim's aid. The general tone is one of laughter, not particularly violent or avid. All this is natural. The person filming does not express or suggest any disapproval. He shows some c... Everybody's happy. The videos will be broadcast without complexes on social networks.
The national press, using the words of a policeman, said of the video filmed, "It was the horror". This is the justification for Pharos' decision to block the thing on the Internet. We have to get along. Yes, of course, what the video shows is horrible. But in terms of constraint, violence and duration, it is beyond comparison with the countless suburban turning points, with blows, kidnapping and inter-gang exchanges. Here horror is born of the innocence of the thing. It's a little rape between friends outside the club. A little spicy after-party. Some of them exaggerated a little, but we had a good laugh. Significantly, the victim complained on her way home from being raped, but no one believed her. Maybe she didn't remember everything. It's just a Saturday night in France.

Thanks to the video, police and justice will do their job
Good thing there was a videotape. That way there's evidence and conviction and investigation. Otherwise it would be written off. Obviously, we will be asking ourselves questions about the reasons for broadcasting the film on social networks. Voyeurism, exhibitionism. We'll ask some more questions about the witnesses, about the man who filmed it. On the victim: how can a girl get out of a box alone and drunk with four scoundrels? And of course on the rapists. That's the job of cops and judges.
At this stage, it seems more fruitful to me to ask myself about the society that produces such miscellaneous facts. His media, his school, his families. On the state of mind that allows such a friendly rape.

No limit to reality TV: you can film everything
Twenty years ago, the public was very outraged that the passengers of an RER train did not react to the rape of a young girl by several men. The thing was new, the reason for the silence very clear: the witnesses were surprised, horrified, they would have helped the victim, but they were afraid of taking a bad blow. The word cowardice was used, without much compassion: let him who was never afraid throw the first stone at them.
There is no such feeling here. There is a general consensus, a soft complacency. Even the victim, certainly brutalized and forced, is not outraged, does not walk, does not scream. It feels like a small crowd giving a show and watching it at the same time. We've seen it on TV, we've seen porn videos, and we've reproduced it. We're in a reality show experiment. It's normal for someone to film. He has no moral problems to worry about, knowing if he shouldn't interrupt the scene. 

Film your blackheads, video of fries, selfie of a rape
Everything is a film object. Holidays in Senegal. The neighbor who slips down the stairs. Momo eating his fries. The rape of the girl there, tell me, she got pretty drunk. We're making selfies squeezing our blackheads, why not rape? Everything is a spectacle. It's a video game. A role-playing game. I'm the rapist, you're the peeping Tom. We'll replace each other for the second round. It's funny reality TV, you live in real life what you saw in porn. We mix a little virtual and real, it's good, it's just Saturday night. Tomorrow we'll have a little hangover, that's all. She shouldn't make a big deal out of it either. If she wasn't a bitch, she wouldn't have come to us. Momo, you're filming. Everything can be shown. No censorship. Censorship is anti-democratic. This is a republic.

Only limit to the diffusion of the video: the origin of the rapists
There you go. We had a great time. It remains to be seen why PHAROS has decided to block this video in the flood of violence and images that plague the cloaca of social networks and TV. This is contrary to permissive and pornocratic dogma. Probably because of the origin of the rapists. They were not native Frenchmen. To show young people with a migrant background raping a woman would be to prove Jean-Marie Le Pen right, who is being dragged in a wheelchair through the courts for saying that 90% of the miscellaneous facts are related to immigration. This justifies censorship.

Pauline Mille

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator


Edited by Dave Bloke

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5 minutes ago, One percent said:

This level of coverup is endemic across Europe. Their little pet invaders have to be protected at all costs. 

It is astonishing how this is covered up or played down, mainly at the expense of their young women.

Sadly it is endemic here in the UK, if a bit more organised aided by the do-gooders rather than opportunitistic.

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Why are you surprised

ive lived 4 years in Denmark and saved one girl from rape by Somalians at 4am in the morning where I actually had to fight, seen 30-40 year old Arabs cruising 5 in a car wolf whistling at 15 year olds, and heard the same stories as Rotherham. It’s got a reputation as the only Western Europe nation to have a hardline on immigrants but to be honest I’m sure it’s just like the U.K. 20 years ago where it was all obviously covered up

It’s a fucked society with a lot of independent SJW women,. But all the ones I have been with seemed to hate Arabs with a passion and want mass deportations of foreigners. But the SJW crowd is strong and also paraded by the So-Called BBC, eg the IVF article today. It is massively progressive


Not sure what the difference is between here and the U.K. since all the females on my side hate immigrants so much that if they see a Greek woman with an English man they actually get angry about it

eventually there will probably just be two parallel societies in Europe. One white and one immigrant

Edited by Bakez

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Just to point out, I've not seen any of the films. Some people claim to have identified the attackers and given names but pretty much all information has vanished from the Interwebs in France, even on private forums. This creates a climate of rumour and #fakenews rather than calming things I believe.

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11 minutes ago, Errol said:

Ironically it is largely the women who are screaming for the immigration and other SJW policies.

If you ask a room full of men whether they want a bunch of sub-saharan immigrants coming into their country I bet that 90% will say no. Hell no.

Have tried to broach danger of islam/open borders with a few men but every time dismissed as there is no problem/concern is racist. If I bring up the brutal gang rapes or grooming gangs accused of being emotional and governed by fear.

Yes largely SJW women demanding these policies but they have plenty of male supporters.

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7 hours ago, whitevanman said:

These incidents need to be downplayed for the good of multiculturalism. By drawing attention to these occurrences we are guilty or xenophobia, racism and Islamophobia. Intersectionality tells us that we are also committing misogyny. 

Drawing attention to rape is rape. 

You are George Orwell and I claim my five pounds. o.O

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