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Happy Renting

How Unpopular Is Your Name?

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1 hour ago, TheBlueCat said:


I've been there. It's shit apart from the railway viaduct but someone seems to have stolen the trains.

That will be 10p.

1 hour ago, UmBongo said:

First name or surname?

First name that comes into your head, you fucking pedant.

People who really matter,  like Jeremy or Jesus or Madonna only have one name.

1 hour ago, Captain Cavey said:

Mr Merde Scheisse Jnr

Can you also advise on all my little Scheisse?

Delightful names with a strong fecal overtone.  Pay me £800, plus £600 for each of your little turdlets. 

I assume you are flushed with money.

16 minutes ago, Turned Out Nice Again said:

Tony Blair

... just call me Tony

Your name is fine, but you are shit to the core. Pay with your miserable worthless life.

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52 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

Hmmm... A UK tourist video that starts with a Russian URL.
I won't touch any doorknobs in Buxton.

It's amazing what they have put in the top eight...a folly miles out of Buxton and a tiny well( no viaduct). Yet the best attraction, the Georgian crescent, no mention.

Reminds me of a ladybird book I had in the sixties, The seven wonders of London...top picks were Heathrow airport, the new concrete London Bridge and Post Office Tower. Naturally, aged five, I understood that was the best of London.Jeez we knew how to pick them then. Here's one of the pages.....


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