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Frank Hovis

Music Press

Main Read  

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  1. 1. Main Read

    • Record Mirror
    • Sounds
    • Melody Maker
    • Smash Hits
    • NME
    • Choice for somebody who's being awkward

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This is something now consigned to the pages of history by the internet but this was something a lot of people were really into.

I read them all from time to time but my standard weekly highlight was Melody Maker. Less yobbish than Sounds, didn't read like a left wing sociology essay like NME, and wasn't for twelve year olds like the other titles I have listed.

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3 minutes ago, Cunning Plan said:

Where's the Angling times and PCW option (in other words none of the above) for us geeks?

Music is geeky too!

I was in McCills this morning and was impressed by their huge range of magazines.

They even had four different titles for carp fishing!  Not just fishing, specifically carp. I was surprised.

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