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Best Route Around Bristol if M5 is blocked

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I thought I would consult the DOSBODS collective knowledge on the best way around Bristol (by car) should the M5 be blocked?

I tried the edging around the south and east of Bristol in the past (east of Bristol seems to have ring road of sorts), and then back west on the M4, but it still took over an hour.

Anyone know of anything better?

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I have relatives living in that area who talk about cutting across east when it's busy; looking at a map they may be head off at Weston and head to Bath then Chippenham. 

I've been through Bristol loads on the M5 but always going north south so am only guessing what their cut past route is to the M4.

I doubt the A38 is any good; I have done bits of that in extremis and it's busy with lots of lights and town traffic.  It was quicker just to keep crawling on the M5.

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