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Chewing Grass

Blind faith - the ultimate manifestation of evil on earth

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Blind unquestioning faith in anything is more than likely the successful manifestation of evil on earth.

Loads of examples but hard to filter through some of the political/regime ones.

Religion and cults are the easy target.

Branch Dividians - messenger of god and the messiah incarnate

Aum Shinrikyo - nerve gassing tokyo underground

Heavens Gate - commit suicide to get on my spaceship

Any religion who states that there is only one god but that their god is better all the other religions who also say there is only one and who will quite happily murder other people over it.


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I think at a wider level the problem is any time humans form into groups and are no longer able to use their own moral judgement for fear of losing acceptance of the group. In groups they can do terrible things, and not feel bad because they are getting patted on the back by members of their own group. This is what makes big lefty groups so dangerous, remember a few years back when there was a period of them trying (and succeeding at times) in trying to ruin people's livelihoods, get them fired and completely ruin them, just because they said or did something that they deemed offensive? Well those people didn't feel they were doing anything wrong, and any twinge of guilt would have been soothed by other SJW in their tribe supporting them and screaming the same rhetoric.

The legendary comedian George Carlin once said:

“People are wonderful. I love individuals. I hate groups of people. I hate a group of people with a 'common purpose'. 'Cause pretty soon they have little hats. And armbands. And fight songs. And a list of people they're going to visit at 3am. So, I dislike and despise groups of people but I love individuals. Every person you look at; you can see the universe in their eyes, if you're really looking.”

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