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Frank Hovis

Enacting European Citizenship

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The OU has now got a list of free online courses, although looking at a few of them they seem a bit easy. I could be being unfair but when the hours required are listed as "one" then I'm not sure that I am.


And this one caught my eye for teaching that the EU can, independent of any member state, hand out EU citizenship to anybody wherever they live.

I am SO glad that we're out of this mess.


Free course
Free statement of participation on completion

Enacting European Citizenship (ENACT)


The term 'European citizenship' triggers an immediate association with the European Union, its member states, and people who are citizens of those states. This free course, Enacting European Citizenship (ENACT), develops another way of thinking about European citizenship whereby European citizenship need not be granted by the state, limited to the territory within the EU borders or acted out by people who are already citizens.


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49 minutes ago, Happy Renting said:

What body grants EU citizenship then?

Good question.

If its an EU country, what happens if that country leaves the EU?

If its the EU itself, what happens if the EU fragments?

I would be very wary of pursuing this option if it meant giving up British citizenship, as in either of the above cases, one could be left stateless.

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2 hours ago, East London Guy said:

OU is offering lots of free courses - is that a sign that they are starting to struggle to recruit enough students?

£17k for a distance learning degree is a ridiculous price imo.

The OU is losing students, the free courses are to generate interest in paid courses.

£17k is cheap for a degree. There is support for students beyond simply supplying course material and marking papers.

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The OU should be free...paid for by the So-Called BBC licence. The only cost should be books and marking the exams.

It's a massive commitment...studying whilst working...that in itself is a cost enough. 

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