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£60,000 benefits falsely claimed - the government wants it back

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defrauded the government of more than £60,000 in benefits – claiming she was unemployed despite secretly working for a telephone sex line.


Worth a read - the long arm of the law finally catches up.

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7 minutes ago, Malthus said:


It’s very common , unless you are the government who think it’s less than 1% 😀😀😀😀

Although they only count cases that come to court in the stats 

I deny everything. o.O

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More a tale of government negligence and presumably now the taxpayer's got to fund her stay in prison and her housing benefit when she gets out now she's sold her house.

I'm guessing she was on PAYE for the phone sex lines otherwise not sure how they caught her but if they were better organised it wouldn't have been possible to accumulate so much in fraudlent benefits.

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