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Van Lady

Dosbods Desert Island Discs Thread

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It's a gloomy bank holiday here with showers and nothing on today so I've passed some time making my desert island disc selections:-

As per the rules I'll be given the entire works of Shakespeare which would give me a lot of reading material as I've only read snippets.

I would ask to substitute the bible with a Tibetan Prajnaparamita collection of sutras know mainly for their development of sunyata (emptiness and voidness) as I think I'd find that more interesting as a meditator and fan of Buddhist philosophy


My choice of book was easy:- Alfred's Teach Yourself to Play Piano to link with my luxury item choice.

My luxury item would be a piano. Can't play but would love to and learning would pass the time......years as my current level is playing a few bars of three blind mice xD


Choosing 8 songs/tunes was very very difficult but I decided on the following as I have never tired of any of them:-

1. Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barbour because I find it beautiful and relaxing.

2. Piano Concerto No. 2 Adagio Sostenuto -  Rachmaninov for same reason as above.

3. Suite No. 2 Romeo & Juliet Montagues and Capulets - Prokofiev because for me it's rousing and motivating.

4. Storm - Vivaldi for same reason as No. 3

5. Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty to sing and dance along to and love the saxophone solo in it.

6. Urgent - Foreigner for same reason as No. 5

7. Singing in the Rain - Gene Kelly because I like singing it and find it cheers me up when down

8. That's Life - Frank Sinatra for same reason as No. 7


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