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One percent

When it’s just really not good enough.

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I’ll put this here without comment.  Breach of human rights, 


A convicted jihadi wife has taken her local authority to court for breaching her human rights by not rehousing her - despite having turned down seven council houses. 

The mother-of-two, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was freed from jail in September 2016.

She lived in hotels and B&Bs with her sons, aged five and nine, for 16 months at an enormous cost to the taxpayer before being moved to temporary accommodation in Brent, north London, 

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4 hours ago, stokiescum said:

Send her blackpool lots of rooms for a tenner a night no pub intended

Indeed.  While I completely understand that house prices are an obscenity in this country, nor do I understand the degree to which this housing is a human right argument is extended.

That is to say, fine, as government prohibits us from housing ourselves via a state monopoly on planning permission, they do indeed have a duty to house those of us who ask for it...however, that does not mean "any house i want, any place i want"


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    • By One percent
      Ok, first off, thanks to @DTMark for the title.  Got me thinking and also this article from the DM today
      After I wrote about the madness of gender-neutral toilets in last week's Mail, I received a truly extraordinary email.
      It was from a woman whose daughter is around the same age as my own (15/16) and who, like her, attends an all-girls' school in a busy metropolitan area.
      The end of the summer term had, she explained, seen the school welcome a new girl who, it quickly transpired, was not only a rather troubled individual with a history of self-harm and drug use, but also biologically male.
      This child, now self-identifying as female, was to be treated as a girl, according to their wishes, and in all aspects of school life allowed access to female-only areas, including loos and changing rooms.
      Not only did the pupils and staff have no say in the matter — the decision had been taken by the school's senior leadership team — any suggestion that there might be anything even vaguely untoward about this arrangement was met with deep disapproval and, of course, accusations of discrimination.
      what of the rights of an entire year group of teenage girls not to be watched by someone who is biologically a member of the opposite sex in the changing rooms? 
      Do they really not matter at all?  (My bold) 
      The highlighted bit is the important bit imho.  This isn’t just about gender identity but goes much wider and occurs whenever anyone screams, “but I’m entitled “. Culture, ethnicity, disability, benefits, every aspect of life.  Even down to subsidised utilities, free housing, free medical care, free disability cars. There is always a balance.  Someone gains, someone else loses through having to pay that little bit more, having a service cut to pay for it, or seeing their pension disappear in a poof of smoke. 
      Back to the original article, we talk about cultural appropriation, we’ll I feel offended (I really do) and disturbed by this as I see it as appropriation of my sex.  We have had the discussion but essentially sex is the biological stuff.  Are you born with male or female reproductive organs?  That determines your sex.  
      Then how you behave, the societal norms, those are the gender bits, the social construction of male and female. 
      I have no issue with the gender thing but the biology?  You cannot change your sex, it goes right down into your dna. 
      Yet, if some bloke decides to wear a frock, I may well find him in changing rooms, in toilets and other places I just do not want to find a bloke.  Where are my rights to object to this?  Why is my freedom curtailed because some bloke decides they want to identify as a woman?  Fine if that’s what he wants to do, but as long as it doesn’t impinge negatively on others. 
      It is this that the establishment does not grasp.  Instead of saying PPE, they would be better served by reading some philosophy, this has been thrashed out centuries ago. 
    • By Melchett
      Sorry about the source link. Funny there's no HYS on this story.....
      So the World Chess authorities gave the current world championships to one of the most regressive countries in the world (a decision that is coming back now to bite them on the ass, although not nearly as much as it should). Anyone care to guess why this place was chosen?
      Isnt there going to be a footie tournament in this bit of the world soon? I wonder how that's going to pan out, too, and why they chose such an unsuitable place?
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