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The Masked Tulip

Islamification of Europe

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3 hours ago, haroldshand said:

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-53585829    "But in Leicester - one of Britain's most vibrant multi-cultural cities"


Does anyone from Leicester recognize that statement from the good old brainwashing BBC


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Dunno if this has been mentioned on here.

A tram driver was just beaten up by 2 people in Dijon for asking them to use masks. No mention of their ethnicity. The article also alluded to another incident in Bayonne in which a bus driver was beaten to death for doing the same.

No mention in the MSM of their names or ethnicity or religion etc.


Here's a couple of them.


Who'd have thunk it !!!

Imagine if it had been some "far-right" skinheads.

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Germany. Völklingen. 5. Aug 15:27


Enemy family clans go for each other.

An 18 year old man tried to turn his car round and ran over a child who was on the pavement in front of the Cafe Istanbul. Members of the child’s family went after the driver and his car, beating and kicking it and him. He fled the scene but came back later, when increasing numbers of foreign family members poured onto the streets.

The police were I formed of a mass brawl involving around 40 people, when they arrived at the scene, the fight was over but there were 80 people from opposing family groups on the streets.

The police  positioned themselves between the 2 groups but there were repeated outbreaks of them screaming at each other. It was difficult for the police to sort out the situation due to the language barrier.


Import the third world...

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