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Long time lurking

Bit harsh ?

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FFS! Way too harsh! 9 and a half years, even a year sounds harsh to me. I've not read the article yet though.......


Ah- he started a fire after not extinguishing it. What a fanny, I make sure my fags don't set fire to bins outside shops, let alone if I was on a plane!

Little excuse even on long flights now too with inhalators, tabs, sprays, e-cigs, chewing gum, patches, etc, etc, etc.


Edited by Carl Fimble
added bit after i had read the article

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Not harsh.

Fires on planes are about as dangerous as it gets and this insult to intelligence had already been bollocked by the captain over the intercom for smoking in the bogs...Then he goes and does it again and starts a fire, putting 200 people's lives at risk purely because he's a selfish fucking moron of utterly peerless stature.

Fuck him. Bang him up good.




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