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Epic Trolling (I Think)

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What amused me most is that it has apparently been eight months before anyone who would take offence complained.

It is a work of genius though. Why mindlessly copy/paste a generic code of conduct from someone else's project, when there's a perfectly good one already in the public domain that you can steal?

OK, some of the clauses aren't entirely appropriate to database manipulation; but that would be true of anyone else's CoC. ;)


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An excellent smack back at the  jobs worths who needed the supporting documentation of a Code of Conduct that had to written down. Chances are it would never have been read but fulfilled the necessary tick box requirement and so was approved. I have come across similar jobsworths and commend the comeuppance.

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      They're now working their magic on the linux community by engineering a situation where contributors not only give their valuable skills for nothing, but are also expected to adhere past, present and future to a code of conduct dreamt up by some loon. Looks like they'[ve managed to force out extreme right wing literally hitler Linus Torvalds. Non sjws are apparently going to withdraw their code from the linux kernel (how does that work with open source?). Aside from snatching defeat from the jaws of victory at the point the bigger distros have become the more stable os for home users, big implications for web servers. Guess the IT people on here will know more about this.
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