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crash diet for christmas

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well amazon are after tens of thousands of people ,so its not realy a crash diet but they will loose a shit load of weight and get paid to do it.i know a few people who sighn of benifits for a couple of months every year to do this.ie there earnings dont get taxed they get cash for xmas and loose weight to boot.after xmas its back on social claiming they cant get a job.has you can see if the link works they can rack a fair chunk up rapidly has its basicly not taxed.i know people that have started doing this in september and have to hide the loot before they are finished has they have acumilated over 12k in cash (couples).they then give themselves a top up every week from there stash.....................if you think im lying please note they will let you do 60 hours a week each and 21 hours of that will be at up to 19 quid an hour each on nights.


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